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When I was active, we tested several frangible cartridges for their effects on feral hog carcasses. This was for use inside the courthouse and more specifically inside the district court room.

The Glasner's won, hands down. Even draping a heavy coat over the rib area we got consistent penetration thru the ribs with pellets embedded in the off side. Very few penetrations by either the pellets or the "case".

Ricochets off of tile floors, terrazzo floors, and marble walls did happen but the secondary impacts were quite scattered and barely decernable. We did this outdoors at the range with scraps and pieces we got from area craftsmen and builders

They were used in .40 S&W and 45acp until I left the SO.
They should be tested in the weapon of choice as the point of impact may be inconsistent with conventional loads due to the far greater muzzle velocity of the lighter Glasner projectile.

FWIW....I have a cousin who is a former transplant surgeon and is now a vascular surgeon. He told me the during his residencies at Dallas Parkland ER and at Charity Hospital ER in New Orleans he saw several patients with wounds he could later verify were made by Glasners, impacts in the boiler room were 100% fatal, too many bleeders... wounds to the limbs could be very ugly as well.

They are not suitable for general street use IMHO but I would trust them in an interior short range environment (100 ft. or so)

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