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Originally Posted by radyoactive View Post
Just to give you more info on my choice, I started with a Bushnell TRS25 red dot sight then later added a magnifier to get better accuracy. I didn't care much for the set up and bought a UTG bugbuster scope. I thought it was a pretty decent scope fore the $80. Had it zeroed at 100 yards and didn't have to make any adjustments after.

I'm not a trained sniper other than playing Call of Duty and the mil dots were too complicated to figure out so I started looking for scopes with a bullet drop compensator reticle to keep it simple.

Let us know what you decide! Good luck.

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I'm on Board with the whole Call Of Duty thing & as for the Bushnell Red Dot I installed that very Red Dot on my M&P 15/22 and I'm very satisfied. Not sure what direction I want to go with the Sport II, my son just told me if all I'm looking for is a 3 to 6 power why not Ck out a A-Cog or maybe a higher Quality Red Dot. So I need to do more research on this. Ugh
Thanx Sir

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