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Default Elite Silver Parts?

Hello -
I have recently purchased a lightly used Elite Silver - I recalled when they had come out and lusted after them since. It was only after my purchase that i came to find out that parts weren't exactly that plentiful. I was lucky enough to have a friend that happened to have one of the beautiful leather cases for it and a few extra chokes - so i'm good with that one.
I was also able to find one that was broken - so i picked that up for parts and/or with hopes to fix up at some point. The hammer spring snapped so it won't fire.
After several searches - i still haven't found a place that appears to sell the new springs.
Are there any other parts that have failed on these? (I have mostly seen other posts where people were asking about the chokes, but no specific parts). As i understand it - SW isn't able to offer up much help in this department.

So - for those few of you out there - are yours still working? what parts are broken? and are you able to source any new ones?

Thank you,
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