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Originally Posted by fredj338 View Post
My opinion on bullet performance is simple. If the bullet makes 60-65cal, penetrates at least 11-12", doesnt matter what size it started out. The 147gr HST driven at 900fps has proven a good performer. At handgun vel we are just punching holes. I would prefer a 9mm jhp that hits 45cal vs a 45cal fmj.
11 is dead failure. If it gets 11 and not 12 it doesn't make bare minimum, and it can ONLY be read as a failure when gel is used as a medium. If it can't make 12, its a failure. That's the problem with a lot of 9mm rounds, even the best, is that they hover around the bare minimum, and have a nasty little problem with failing the minimum with certain loads. But that means the load failed, not the test.

Keep in mind minimum expansion means something as well, these new designs with petals read out better than what they actually are, because the tips give them big maximum expansion on paper, but the total and minimums are WAY lower because of the massive gaps around the sharp, small petal ends. A perfect mushroom .65 does more damage than a .67 maximum expansion petal that has big pie shaped sizes between each other, and a minimum of .50. Sharp petals don't damage much tissue because of their small mass, and sharp shapes, meaning most of the damage is still being done closer to the core. Take max expansion with a grain of salt, and the large bores have less expanding to do, and have better minimums and totals often times when max expansion in petal length is similar.

As for OP, I agree completely. The best way to maximize the potential of the .355 caliber is heavier bullets, and is why the idea is so appealing. I' heard some theoretical talk about the military throwing around the idea of the 9x21 cartridge, and that would be an advantage for heavier bullets and greater power at pressure. In any case, I'm going to be take up some of this work later this year, shoot some gel myself, and see where this potential can go.
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