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Default How is it nonsense.....

Originally Posted by alwslate View Post
You're doing way too much thinking. By now it would seem that the old
nonsense that all bullet wounds must be made by projectiles of at
least .450" to have any effect would have been put to rest. But I guess
I didn't say it was a requirement, but in order to duplicate a .45 non-expanding bullet, a 9mm would have to expand to about .45 " in diameter and the Gold Dot tests show that is possible. And again, a Gold Dot short barrel design expands around 850 which is the target velocity for our 9mm come .45. I just need one in .45. Lacking that I think that a cast HPSWC would be good for experimenting. Also, I hear and read all the time where people say a .45 is a very good stopper in a handgun. if that's nonsense, can you tell me why and tell me where I'm mistaken and maybe what ISN'T nonsense? If I'm full of mud, can you set me straight?

I do appreciate the critical thinking.
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