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Default That hits the nail....

Originally Posted by Skeet 028 View Post
Do all these things.. HPs at speeds as fast as you can(at reasonable pressaures in the 9) and you get a 9 to almost equal a 45. Do the same things with the 45 auto(+P). You still have a superior round This question has been asked by we shooters since the early 1900s. The question is STILL being asked. Why?? because with physics not having changed if you can make the 9 a great defensive round..the 45 can still be made better. BTW they'll both kill the heck out of you. Working as a paramedic we had a few shooting victims who lived after being shot in deadly parts of their bodies with the 9mm. Only had one 45 victim and he WAS DRT. My wife carries a 9mm but it is loaded with 147 gr Fed Hydrashocks. In my opinion about as good as it gets with factory loads commonly available..and they are subsonic. I also carry them in my 639 and 1911 9mm. If I carry a 45(most of the time) I also carry a big ol hollowpoint 230 gr Win Silvertip or a Rem HP. I also have carried 22 revolvers and sitting next to me on the table is a 686 4 inch gun. I do prefer the 45 mainly because I have carried one since before I was 18. Carried 2 while in SE Asia all those years ago. I do not ever want to be shot with anything. In centerfire handgun I do not carry ball ammo.
It's all about improving what is out there. The 9mm, being a high pressure round in a closed barrel, has the power to get a big bullet moving. And most have a 3"-4" barrel, especially service weapons. If we were talking about .38 snubs, I'd think it was bunk, because they can barely get a 158 grain bullet up to the needed velocity and whatever you stack on that isn't going to improve anything. It's topped out.
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