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Default I'm not proposing pressure change.....

Originally Posted by Skeet 028 View Post
Actually the facts are that the 9mm IS tapped out. You can't raise pressures on it appreciably. You can only get so much velocity out of a heavier bullet. Heavy bullet HP in a 9 is really only about a 150 gr. The 45 can be pushed to the same velocity close to a 1000 ft per with a 230 gr HP bullet. Do what you may and say what you will... get the same bullet reactions at the terminal end and the 45 will be superior. The only reason I see for the 9mm to be used so much by police forces is because it is about the most recoil that the people that must use it to defend themselves and us can haldle. On an average...and they can get more rounds in the handgun..but I have had 14 round 45s too. The 9 has the bad reputation it does because it earned it. But the 45's reputation is also a bit overhyped...but only with the ball ammo. It is still a much bigger hole..apples to apples
I'm not looking for higher pressure. The data tables say that a bullet that is somewhat heavier than commonly available 9mm bullets can be shot at a similar velocity to a .45. That's more lead to expand and more weight for penetration IF the bullet is designed to expand at that velocity. This has already been done with the 'short barrel' Speer bullets. They are designed to expand at the velocities a .38 snub can achieve.
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