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Default I'm saying....

Originally Posted by hdwhit View Post
What's the objective of your exercise? Are you looking to merely replicate the ballistic performance of a 45 ACP bullet using a hypothetical 9mm bullet or are you trying to approximate the effect on the human body of being shot with a 45 ACP using a 9mm bullet?
I'm saying that a 9mm can approach the (mostly unargued) effectiveness of a .45 with some tweaking.

There are tons of people on this forum that feel underarmed with anything but a .45. The .45 has proven itself as a good man stopper for over 100 years whether it used expanding bullets or FMJs. I believe that a 9mm with some alterations could do almost as well as an FMJ .45 because the velocity is the same, the expanded diameter is the same. The weight is less but more than a typical 9mm for extra penetration without over penetration and extra material for big expansion. It's shown in the video that a 158 grain Gold Dot can get 14" penetration with an expanded diameter at least that of a .45 FMJ.

I'm looking for a similar test with a .45 FMJ for a penetration comparison.
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