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Default There are 9mms...

Originally Posted by Engineer1911 View Post
I own a Para Long Slide double stack 45 ACP. 16 Rounds of 45 ACP anything should win all the above arguments. There are 6 hi-cap mags to go with it, if 91 rounds can't win the street war, we should all stay home.

Than there is the P16-40 that gives 17 rounds in the gun + 16 round mags. Coming in last, is the Para P18-9 MM with 19 rounds in the gun + 18 round mags.

Try that with your 5-shot J-frame. At least you won't be walking tilted over!
There are 9mm pistols with a capacity of 20 +1. CZ makes one. I do have two J frames and I figure (hope) that 5 shots will do in any scrape I would get into, besides being very carryable.
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