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Default I think, that is I hope.....

Originally Posted by venomballistics View Post
good to see you are thinking ....
its a whole big old wad of math involving bore, sectional density, the results of Jebbadiahs dice roll and a fair portion of the laws of physics that nobody seems to entirely agree on.

Bore is a factor that will need to be compensated for
I hope that the extra expansion from a heavier bullet that is designed to 'blow up' at that velocity will make up for bore. And pretty much limiting this to close range, SD work makes the math much easier.

I think in a battle situation it should have the effective range of a .45, being that it's moving at the same velocity and it's only proportioned a little longer than a typical bullet. i think that the long 'waterline' should actually help. That's a good point though. If this is viable, it would be cool to work out the SD and BC. Most importantly I expect that it would be effective in practical, real life encounters.

I should be able to work out a profie fairly easily. And make it look like a Gold Dot in the nose.
"He was kinda funny lookin'"

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