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Originally Posted by rwsmith View Post
I didn't say it was a requirement, but in order to duplicate a .45 non-expanding bullet, a 9mm would have to expand to about .45 " in diameter. Also, I hear and read all the time where people say a .45 is a very good stopper in a handgun, if that's nonsense, can you tell me why and tell me where I'm mistaken and maybe what ISN'T nonsense?
It's hard to believe that anyone who is a serious handgunner
still wants to argue the supposed vast superiority of the 230
FMJ .45 at the lumbering velocity of 830 fps over a warm 124
gr 9mm at 1200 fps. Numerous tests, including real world
shooting results indicate that there is little difference between
the two. So you hear and read all the time "where people say"
fill in the blank space here. Where you're mistaken here is in
the quality of your reading material. What isn't nonsense? The
9mm is the NATO handgun round and is likely to be so for
some time to come. Shot placement and penetration trumps
bullet dia 100% of the time. Shoot what you like and shoot
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