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Default Anybody Ever Send in a Revolver "Just Because"?

I know there are many people on this forum with dozens of S&W revolvers. I only have 4, (Model 67, Model 64, Model 10, and Model 60). All but the Model 60 were made in between 1980 and 1987. The Model 60 was made in 1975).

They all seem to be in fine working order as I shoot them with no problems. The lock up and timing seem tight. But these are the guns that we all know are no longer made, and the ones I will be passing on to my kids one day. A friend of mine sent in his Model 10 to be reblued last year and the also had to fix a bent crane that he was unaware of.

So has anybody ever sent in a S&W revolver to be overhauled just because they got it used and have idea what may need replacing?
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