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When I retired, as part of our farewell package, the range offered to, inspect/rebuild any of our firearms. i did have them go through my two S&W revolvers, and one Colt Combat Commander. two checked out, but my S&W 629 no dash needed a complete overhaul.When I asked what was wrong the armorer just rolled his eyes. Of course that service was fast , expert and free. Sending something in today would probably be very costly, but if you think it needs something done,, by all means. If you don't have a problem with it, I don't think I would . I would be of the mind that if the timing isn't off, or things aren't bent, I would just give everything a visual inspection, than a range trip. If I didn't get any light strikes, or lead shavings coming back, I'd be good to go. Now if I had a particular gun I was going to give to my kid, than I would have it looked at and gone through by an expert.
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