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Default Tyler T Grip,Barrels,Mags,Tool Kits,Presentation Cases and Molds added

Tyler T Grips,NOS-3R is black and it fits K frame round butt,$30 shipped Priority Mail Lower 48 Only.

Barrel-Used 686-6'' Adjustable Front Sight, $110 Shipped
Barrel-Used 686-6'' Power Port $110 Shipped
Barrel-Used 29-2,8 3/8'',Factory Nickel $110 Shipped

Mag-Used-Factory 639,SS,9 Rd,Metal Base $30 Shipped
Mag-Used-Factory 659,SS,14 Rd,Metal Base, 3 for $80 Shipped
Mag-Used-Factory 59,Blue,14 Rd,Plastic Base $30 Shipped

SOLDMag-Used,Nice-Factory,S&W 41,22 LR,12 Rd 3 for $65 Shipped SOLD
Mag-Used,Nice-Factory,S&W M&P,40 S&W or 357 Sig,15 Rd 2 for $60 Shipped
Mag-Used,Nice-Factory Sig 229 LE,40 S&W,12 Rd 1 for $30 Shipped
Mag-New-Factory Sig 228/229,9mm,10 Round 2 for $65 Shipped
Mag-Used-Factory-Beretta 92 LE,15 Rd Parkerized,Worn Finish 5 for $60 Shipped
Mag-Used-Factory-Berreta 96 LE,11 Rd Parkerized,Worn Finish 3 for $40 Shipped
Mag-Used,Pachmayr SS-13 Rd,Browning HP 3 for $50 Shipped
Mag-Used,Aftermarket,Blue,13 Rd,Browning HP 2 for $30 Shipped

Mould-Lee-457 RB,2 cavity w/handle,NIB $15 Shipped
Mould-Lee-360 RB,1 cavity w/handle,NIB $15 Shipped
Mould-Lee-C324-175-R,1 cavity w/handle,NIB $15 Shipped
Mould-Lee-50 cal. 320 Gr. R.E.A.L.2 cavity w/handle w/handle,NIB $15 Shipped
Mould-Lee-452-172-1R,1 cavity w/handle,Used $10 Shipped
Mould-Lyman-440-Round Ball,1 cavity w/handle,looks new $ 50 Shipped
Mould-Lyman-45 Cal. Maxi Ball,1 cavity w/handle,Used w/handle $ 40 Shipped
SOLD Mould-Lyman-452488,2 cavity,Used $ 50 Shipped SOLD
Mould-Ideal-457,1 cavity w/handle,Like new $ 50 Shipped
Mould-Ideal-321,1 cavity,looks new $ 50 Shipped
Mould-Ideal-321,1 cavity,used in box $ 40 Shipped
Mould-Saeco-303,2 cavity,looks new $ 50 Shipped

Grips-Used-Crimson Trace-K/L Frame,Rd Butt -Look New $130 Shipped

SOLD Cleaning Kits-3 on left-44 Mag $115 Shipped SOLD
4''-All new-Rod,Mop,Brush
6''-From 29-10,All new-Rod,Mop,Brush,Sat
8''-All new-Rod,Mop,Brush,Sat

Cleaning Kits-5 on right-38 $185 Shipped
4'' All new Rod and Brush-Sealed Bag
4'' All new Rod,Brush,Mop and Sat
4'' All new Rod,Brush and Mop have brass mountings,Sat
6'' All new Rod,Brush,Mop and Sat
6'' Rod,Brush,Mop and Sat

Presentation Case
For 29-2,8 3/8'',Bottom Missing,Top Needs Reflocking,Wood has minor Dents and Dings $95 Shipped

Pre 29 Presentation Case
For 6.5'',Original faded Lining with usual rips at the rear sight and end of muzzle. $495 Shipped

Payment by USPS Money Order or Paypal.
High Cap Mags only where legal
Please post "I'll Take It" and PM me
Shipping to CONUS 48 only
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