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Just to make the point, there are many people for whom a handgun of this type meets all their needs. They have no interest in guns as such, probably shoot little, if any, and all they want is a low priced home defense gun to keep in a dresser drawer or on a shelf in the closet. They care nothing else about it, beyond its capability to fire a bullet if necessary.

I once bought a Bryco in .380 from someone I knew, only because it was cheap ($40) and he needed some cash. He had a box of Winchester white box ammo with it, still full as he had never fired it. It worked fine for shooting the first 20 or 30 rounds, then I started having problems, and never made it through that box of .380 before the Bryco gave up (a peened breech face firing pin hole which froze the firing pin). But it would have done the job had he needed it.

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