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Originally Posted by OKFC05 View Post
I remain somewhat puzzled by the 10mm, a rimless cartridge (almost) equivalent to a .41 magnum. The cartridge is accurate and powerful enough for hunting, but many of the platforms chambering it suffer from "a 100yd cartridge in a 40 yard gun for accuracy." A revolver in .41 mag is more accurate for hunting.
So if not hunting, what then is the purpose, self defense? The ones I have shot zip right through anything simulating a human, and expend most of their energy on what lies beyond the target. If loaded down, it becomes a .40 S&W in power. So maybe defense from big angry predators is the best use for a 10mm semi auto?

Unfortunately, the most common use I have seen is destroying objects on the range and giggling like Beavis at the power, blast, and destruction, which certainly is a fun use for a range toy.

No, I would not want one in an M&P.
The 10mm auto just may very well be the ultimate pig hunting gun . The big 10 will drop a big hog dead in it's tracks. And if one charges you you can pump out the rounds with the auto loader.
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