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Originally Posted by Captain TMD View Post
It all comes down to this: Carry what you are most proficient with. If that time comes where you need to stop a bad guy (or Gal) from doing you or yours harm, you will be most successful with the weapon you train with the most. If that happens to be a 5 shot revolver, so be it. Better to be proficient with a small revolver than to be only so-so with a high capacity semi-auto.
I'm going with the Captain here.
I was thinking of switching from a 5 shot snubby to a higher capacity semi. But my 442's been my companion for many years and it also happens to be my favorite range gun. I'm very familiar and comfortable with it.
Instead of switching guns, I'm thinking of making a double speedloader holder for my belt instead of speed strips in my pocket.
Yes, I've had lotsa practicing doing reloads with both.
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