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Originally Posted by bowzette View Post
Are you comfortable carrying only a 5-6 shot revolver? I have a snubbie I carry the most often and shoot it well. I also have a Glock 19, Glock 26, Smith 65 3" and Ruger LCP. But it is the Ruger LCR .357 carrying .38 Gold Dot S.B. that I usually grab. I live a very boring life style and realize statically I am more likely to be injured driving to the range than taken out by a nut case. And the risk of one or two bad guys doing the traditional "bad guy thing" has got to be much greater than being at the mall with the nut armed with the AR or AK semi-auto rifle. Having said all that it seems our world has changed over the last several years and not likely to get better anytime soon. So back to my question, assuming you have been carrying one revolver are you rethinking that decision regardless of the amount or reloads you are carrying? Two revolvers, revolver and small auto like LCP, higher capacity semi-auto? I can carry the G 26 easier than two J frames and have one extra round with a fast reload from a G 19 mag. I don't shoot the 26 as well as the LCR but I haven't practiced as much either, and shoot it well enough. But not as comfortable or convient to carry as the LCR. Frankly don't like the G 26 trigger but I'm a range shooter trigger snob.
I suppose it depends on where you live.

I'm a civilian and live in a medium sized city. The metro area has about 1 million people. For about 20 years there's been an ongoing territory battle between the Crips and the Bloods in low income African American neighborhoods. Also, in the last few years it looks like (based on the news) there's a turf war starting in the low income Latino community between MS13 and some spin off franchise of Sinaloa cartel.

What's changed here recently is the crime and violence from those groups is moving out to what had previously been considered "safe" suburbs. Seems to me like it's mostly kids working their way into gangs.

Other than getting killed in a car accident or dying from a heart attack, my biggest risk isn't ISIS, an ISIS wanna-be, or a mall mass-shooter. It's getting caught up with a 15 year old wannabe gang banger trying to make a name for himself at a suburban gas station/convenience store, the ATM, or by car jacking an old guy like me. For me, I think 5 or 6 rounds will still work for that.

That's how I see my threats anyway.

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