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Originally Posted by a_finelli View Post
Guy killed a brown bear worth 9mm not to long ago, so let's get serious...I don't need a 500 for black bear and I don't have money for another gun
With a perfectly placed shot, you could probably kill a bear with a .22, but that doesn't justify making it "Plan A".
And, if all you have is your 9mm, and you can't or won't get something else, then what are we talking about here? You're using what you have, and hoping for the best, end of discussion.
And, as recommended above, I'd go with the penetration of a good FMJ over HP's.
BTW, here's an interesting story of an Alaskan guide that killed a grizzly with a single-stack S&W 9mm, coincidentally, using Buffalo Bore ammo ! (so you may be onto something,LOL! )
9MM +P OUTDOORSMAN Pistol and Handgun Bullets Pistol & Handgun Ammunition
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