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Originally Posted by Alk8944 View Post
Until 1970 or so, when Lyman introduced their vibratory case cleaner, (It was the first I saw.) no one worried much about polishing brass. But, as "max" said, let the polisher run longer. There is no such thing as a "cycle", run it as long as it takes to get the job done. I bought my Lyman 1200 about 1971-72, and it is still going with the original motor. It has run thousands of hours.

From over night to 24 hours may be necessary. Cases that don't come clean by this time get tossed!

Listen to bigggbbruce about Brasso! It, and any cleaner with ammonia in them will cause Nitrogen embrittlement of cartridge brass and lead to premature failure. Before I learned this the hard way I lost a few hundred .32 S&W Long cases which cracked in storage after being loaded! The stress of the neck tension caused the embrittled brass to crack without being fired.
Just curious, was that from ONE application of current formula Brasso - with only 1% ammonia?

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