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Originally Posted by Alk8944 View Post
It was from hand-polishing with Brasso and thoroughly buffing them clean by hand ONE TIME! This was before I had the Lyman.

I don't see why you are trying to make such a big thing about this! There are other polishing additives such as Berry's, Flitz, Hornady, etc. that do just as good a job as Brasso, at about the same cost, without the risk. No one is out anything by avoiding Brasso, and stand nothing to gain by using it!
Dude! CHILL! I don't know why you get so bent so quickly and so often.

I was asking a frigging question OK? Nobody is "making a big thing about it" except you!

There has been a lot of conflicting info in a recent thread about this. Others have posted that they used Brasso in their tumblers repeatedly for YEARS with no issues. Apparently you had a different experience.

Some of us are trying to sort out the differing opinions on this subject. NEWS FLASH - yours isn't the only opinion that counts (contrary to what you seem to believe).

So calm down OK? If you can't handle anyone asking questions about your opinions, maybe you shouldn't be so quick to give them.
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