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Over the years I have acquired both a tumbler and a vibratory, and still use both for various needs.

In years past (when money was tight) I developed an inexpensive but effective method for cleaning tarnished brass:

1. Cut wooden dowel rods of a diameter larger than case mouth opening.
2. Make a lengthwise cut at one end about 1" long using a fine toothed wood saw.
3. Turn the cut end of the dowel in a drill while applying coarse sandpaper to reduce the dowel rod diameter to a point where it can be flexed at the cut end to enter the case mouth, thus retaining it by friction grip.
4. While turning the case on the dowel at low speed use 0000 steel wool to clean the cartridge case. Takes about 30 seconds per case.

Have used this with WW2 brass (.30-06 and .45 ACP), restoring it to nice clean condition. Have used that same brass through multiple loadings (the .30-06 is usually retired after 6 full-charge loads; the .45 ACP remains in use even now after 20-plus loads).

Older brass (1960 or earlier) will usually have a history of mercuric primers, so the cases should be thoroughly cleaned prior to reuse. I use hot water with dish soap, soaking overnight followed by two hot water rinses to remove corrosive residue.
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