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What I want to know is how did it ever get this bad in California? It almost sounds like they are intentionally trying to make the firearm laws out there so complex that even a law abiding person gets frustrated and gives up for fear of becoming a violator of wacky gun laws. I used to love to visit California, but I won't go there on a bet today. The voters of that once great state routinely put people like Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein and Jerry Brown in office and then wonder what the license plate number was of the truck that hit them. When I was a lot younger I used to think the off the wall gun laws were reserved for states in the east, but then California legislators started going crazy with their patchwork, knee jerk, feel good laws. I hate living in Wisconsin in the wintertime, but when I look west and see what has happened to California I just shake my head and thank the Lord I didn't get crazy as a kid in the 60's and move to San Francisco looking for some peace, love and understanding.

Rick H.
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