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Originally Posted by Jim Watson View Post
The original load for the .38 Special has been given as 21.5 gr of black and a 158 grain lead roundnose . . .
Jim, I do not believe that the 38 Special was ever commercially loaded in black powder. If anyone has ever found a box of BP 38 Special please post.

You should not weigh BP for the loading you list. First, you must know how far the bullet will be seated and not all 158 grain bullet seat at the same level. You also do not know the grain size used for someone's load. Also, different vintage and different manufacturer's brass will have different cavity volumes. If you leave air under the bullet, it creates a potentially dangerous situation. You MUST lightly compress BP, but yes you can compress it too far, so make sure you know how high the powder column needs to be and measure that amount of BP by volume for the rest of your cases as noted above.
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