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Originally Posted by OKFC05 View Post
The only "accurizing" I've seen that produced undisputed improvement is the "fitting required" aftermarket barrels. "Drop ins" are no better than good factory barrels, and various trigger jobs,
This is kind of what I'm looking at. I have been looking at both a semi drop in barrel that requires end user fitting and stoning, and a barrel by the same company that requires gunsmith skills to fit.
They are both said to reduce 25 yd accuracy to sub 2 inch. The fully fitted barrel by more. They say the accuracy testing was done by machine rest to eliminate human error.
Palmettostate1, I'd be happy with sub 4" groups at 25 yds, but being real I would probably be happy with sub 3" at 10 yds. Of course smaller would be better.
PS, this is a full size M&P 9.

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