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Originally Posted by Angus46 View Post
I have performance center CORE ported. The accuracy was terrible!!! Like best I could get was with a lot of work developing hand loads was 4" at 10 yards off a bench. I bought it for competition and that just won't cut it. Trigger was ok, but polishing all the surfaces helped. Didn't change accuracy, just easier to shoot.

So, next step was an APEX gunsmith fit barrel. My slide was so bad it just dropped in with no fitting at all. I shot it. It was better but no where near what APEX was saying that you could expect basically bullseye accuracy at 25 yards. I measured my slide and it was way too big. Thus the terrible accuracy with the factory barell and slightly better with the APEX barrel.

I contacted APEX, they had me ship it to them, they paid all the costs, fit a barrel to my slide and while I was at it got the Flat Faced Forward Set trigger. I put the kit in when I got it back about two weeks later and wow! I used the factory spring with the kit and great trigger pull. Not a custom 1911 trigger but close!

The best was shooting it. Finally when I pulled the trigger and tracked my shots it hit where I was aiming. I had spent hundreds of rounds messing with my technique and thinking it was me. It wasnt at all! I haven't benched it from 25 yards, but I can shoot just about as fast as I can at 25 and keep them all in the head of a B-29 target. At 10 yards I can rapid fire 10 rounds with about .2 splits and put all of them in the 10 ring.

So much of an improvement I sent it off to magma port to have the APEX barrel ported to match the factory barrel. It made all the difference in the world. APEX service was outstanding, best I've ever seen in a company and the end result is outstanding.

If you are pretty experienced and shoot well with other pistols, it's probably the gun not you. Get the APEX products, you won't be disappointed.
Nice. Which competitions are you shooting in?
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