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I have yet to actually see one in person but I THINK from what I've seen on Youtube and other reviews so far I might just have to get one! List price is $699 but actual selling price after the initial release should be low to mid 600's.

I own a 3rd generation blued Dick Spl. and it is a pleasure to shoot. I did actually carry it for a while but went back to my Chief Spl. for ease of pocket carry. While the little smith has one round less there is no denying that the Colt is not really a pocket gun. That said, in an OWB holster the few extra ounces makes no real difference and the new Colt should handle the stiff Buffalo Bore 158 grain LSWCHP-GC +P's quite a bit better than my M60-7 does.

From what they say, the DA trigger pull is only 8 pounds with a sub 3 pound SA pull. However the DA pull is what excites me for a carry gun - that's pretty light!!

Aside from the front sight it comes with (don't like that type but is easily changeable with a conventional type) I think the new Colt Cobra will be a great, high quality, accurate and smooth 6 shot revolver and will be a much needed revenue producer for Colt. AND NO I/L!!
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