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Originally Posted by Alk8944 View Post
Note that the post linked to in TripleLock's post perpetuates the myth that the .38 S&W Special was introduced in 1902! "Cartridges of the World"** also repeats this as well as at least one major re-loading manual, Speer** as I recall. Where this ever started I have no idea. Maybe that is the year Colt adopted the cartridge (as the .38 Colt Special)? Unfortunately Suydam makes no mention whatsoever about the Colt variant.

** Just shows re-loading manuals aren't the place to look for reliable/accurate historical information on cartridges!
Yes, Speer #9 ( and possibly other editions) says that the .38 Special cartridge was introduced in 1902 along with the Model 1902 revolver.
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