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Originally Posted by scattershot View Post
Wouldn't a .357 mag in a snubby be about the same as a hot 9mm from a full length barrel? I'm betting the extra 12'rounds would make up,the difference, in any case.
The extra rounds would only matter after the bear reaches you and you beating it about the head and shoulders with a pistol with a full magazine. When a bear is coming at you, you will be VERY lucky to get a second shot off (Been there, done that).

1. Trying for a second shot may rush your first, causing you to miss.
2. Even if dead, momentum will likely carry the bear to you (I don't imagine being under a 500-700 pound grizzly is likely to be much fun!)
3. If you are far enough away to get several shots off, you are likely too far to claim self defense.
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