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Originally Posted by Green Frog View Post
I'm a little confused here. Why would you get a small, easily concealable gun, then make it hard to conceal with a pair of big grips? I have medium-large hands and like a handful of grip with larger guns, but with the little I- and J-frame sizes I adjust to a two finger grip and let my pinky have the day off. In Bullseye we were taught to grip with the middle and ring finger and to leave the pinky soft anyway, so this works fine with small revolvers for me at least, but as with all things, YMMV!

Good question.

I have several carry firearms, including some which conceal very easily. I happen to have an inexplicable affection for small snub nose 38's. So much so that, in addition to concealed carry, I also enjoy taking them to the range and shooting them at both paper and reactionary targets, at a variety of ranges. When you get an accurate snubby, they can be great fun at ranges longer than belly range.

I also want to practice a lot with my EDC gun and to feel confident in my familiarity with it, and my skill with it. That confidence means more to me than arguments over caliber, barrel length, capacity, etc. I gain that confidence by shooting it . . . a lot . . . and frequently.

I want a grip that allows my pinky on the grip, even though that is not necessary, and one that fills my hand, and just feels good. It was years ago, so I don't know why, but I had J frames before and had no problem with factory grips, but this revolver cuts my thumb on the cylinder latch no matter how I try to vary my grip. Maybe my hands got fat with old age.

When I replace the grip I am willing to give up some concealability and will dress accordingly when I carry it. My goal is to end up with a snubby revolver that I enjoy shooting frequently. I have a Colt Detective Special and a Ruger LCR that meet that description but I want a Smith & Wesson J Frame.

Thanks to all that commented. The comments have been a big help, though I am still undecided.
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