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Originally Posted by Red Baron View Post
I recently purchased one of your Walther PPK/S-1, S/N 46XXBAR, pistols built by Smith and Wesson and have not fired it yet. I have tried to cycle rounds through the weapon by loading the magazine and operating the slide to see if the rounds would chamber, extract, and eject. I have trouble getting the weapon to extract and eject. In checking the weapon I find the "Loaded Chamber Indicator" rides up and over the rim of the cartridge when it is in the chamber. There is a slot in the "Bolt Face" that allows it do this. When I attempt to extract and eject the cartridge the "Loaded Chamber Indicator" seems to push the cartridge downward, pushing it down from the extractor with the extractor then loosing contact with the cartridge before the cartridge is extracted all the way and ejected from the ejection port. This happens every time with several types of cartridges I have attempted to use. As said previously I have not attempted to fire this weapon. This happens EVERY time I try to load the weapon. I am hoping there is a resolution to this problem so I can fire the weapon. As it is working now it appears it is only a “Single Shot” because it will not extract and eject the cartridge. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so was there a resolution.
My s&w ppk/s does the same thing when cycled manually. I have a xxxxBAS serial number. You've probably figured this out already, but when the pistol is fired, the extractor works just fine although the casings seem to fly out horizontally without throwing them backwards at all.

If this issue really bothers you, it's possible to remove the chamber indicator.

Originally Posted by JackBlades View Post
Where are these things made? This doesn't sound like the S&W I know.
My ppk/s was manufactured at the s&w facility in houlton, Maine.

I've never experienced any malfunction beyond the chamber indicator's interference with the extractor when manually cycling rounds. I really enjoy the pistol and think it's one of the higher quality .380acp pistols available. I carry mine daily in a desantis sof-tuck with a round chambered and safety off in double action (I'm a lefty and operating the safety switch one-handed is a pain), because the safety lever/decocker is so stiff.
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