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Default J-frame "boot" grips

I just got this 60-9. It came without grips. (There was some staining/minor pitting where the old grips used to be.). I had these Uncle Mikes "Combats" and just slapped them on there temporarily. I really like the feel of the combats but to me they do take away slightly from the concealbility ("pocket ability") of the j-frame. I've always been a fan of UM boots grips and have them on my 342. My first thought was to buy an identical pair for the 60. Seems to make sense from a continuity standpoint and I already know they 'fit' me and I like them. I'm curious how they compare with the boot-style grips that S&W sells for their current j-frames (which they sell online). Who has a preference for one or the other and why?

I think I will always keep the grips the same on these two pieces so I'll either be buying one pair of UM's or two new sets of S&W or possibly another brand. I would consider nice wood grips also as long as they're not too expensive and the profile is similar to the UM boots. The 342 gets carried a lot. I expect the 60 will, too. When they do get carried it will almost always be in a pocket. I'm not interested in "BBQ" grips.

I do typically carry an HKS speed loader when packing a j-frame so if you suggest another brand, please make it one I will not have to modify to accommodate that.

Thanks in advance and apologies for the picture quality.
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