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Originally Posted by Stirling View Post
I've had the pleasure of shooting a German friend's P08 Luger. It was his grandfather's pistol that he had used in WWI. It too was very accurate even though the bore didn't look good. It felt great in the hand, I would certainly like to have one given the opportunity.

Did he maybe fight in SW Africa, or under von Lettow-Vorbeck in German East Africa?

Germans in Germany were required to give up their guns after WWII, but if he stayed in Africa, maybe not. Many still remain in what is now Namibia. A German ship was trapped up the Zambezi in 1914 and the crew abandoned ship, taking what weapons they could. There are probably some Naval Lugers still in what is now Tanzania. And others probably captured by South Africans. Do you see many for sale there? Some may have been captured by your troops in North Africa and Italy, too, in WWII.

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