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Originally Posted by sigp220.45 View Post
I finally found one a few years ago for a decent price ($795 OTD).

Its a plain jane 1920 commercial in .30 caliber, but everything matches and it hasn't been through Billy Bobs Bumper Chrome and Downhome Bar-B-Cue Emporium. The 9mms always seemed to be way too pricey.

.30 Luger ammo is still widely available, and I have a stash that will last me a while. This isn't really a daily driver type of gun.

I do shoot it, though. Its a joy.

I loved your witty post!

Have you shot any jackrabbits or coyotes with that? Can you buy JHP .30 Luger ammo? If available, it should be effective on bobcats and coyotes. Prob. okay for raccoons, too. Don't think I'd stretch it further.

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