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As I may have said before. My PPK-S made by S&W is now on its forth barrel. My problems with my PPK-S have all been barrel related. About the worst quality I have ever seen in a handgun.

The fourth and last barrel is tipped down at the muzzle. It caused it to shoot very low and this is a new problem for the gun. I contacted Walther about the problem and they sent a return mailer stating they would replace the rear sight.

Now it shoots closer to the point of aim but the slide is trying to push upward on the barrel near the muzzle of the barrel and the fired brass is getting all beat up, with heavy nicks. This never happened before.

My PPK-S will only group well with Winchester white box flat tipped ammo. All other manufactured ammo and a number of reloads that shot well previously, now group like a shotgun.

I am really struggling trying to decide what to do with my S&W PPK-S, that I consider to be junk. Do I bite the bullet and accept a pistol that will only shoot well with one type of ammo and in the process, beat my brass all to heck, or look for something to replace it. I am working on that.

I purchased a Browning Black Label 1911 380. It had or has a magazine problem causing nose up jams. That appears to be corrected with the closing down of the forward end of the feed lips from .318" to .305". More shooting is needed to insure the problem is corrected, 100%. The gun is reasonably accurate, but I am not fond of the feel of the grip in my hand.

I also purchased a Bersa Firestorm 380. I like the feel of the gun, although it is a straight blow back design and has more felt recoil than the Browning which is a locked breech design and less felt recoil compared to the PPK-S because it is heavier. The gun is reasonably accurate, but I haven't fired it much. Just four different brands of factory ammo and one of my reloads. It is winter here in Minnesota, and temps hanging around zero degrees a lot recently. Not good shooting weather.

I am still waiting for my FFL to come up with one of the Armscor Baby Rock 380's. When, if ever, I receive the Baby Rock, I will decide which of the four 380's I will keep and the others will get sold or traded off.

The PPK-S only has one item that is slightly better than the other three 380's. It is the smallest and most easily concealed.

I hope to end up with one decent concealed carry 380 and one fun to shoot, accurate 380 when my search is over.
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