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Originally Posted by ISCS Yoda View Post
This is related to the original question, I guess. But I am not sure why you recommend 25 yard shooting. Unless I am up against a rifle at distance I don't imagine I will ever be in such a long distance gunfight. Not that I can't hit a B-27 target at 25 yards, I can, but who cares?

I can shoot nice, tight groups at normal gunfight distances and I'm confident I can hit a B27 target at 25 yards. Not to be argumentative but I wouldn't waste pistol ammo trying to hit targets at 100 yards with a 2" fighting revolver. Sure, it can be done, but you have to launch those rounds like you are almost aiming at the sky. I know from experience what it takes to hit a distance target with a 4 5/8 inch single action revolver (.45 Colt, 140 yards, one shot to show off, hit it, done and done) but you have to be rock steady and aim very HIGH
and it is really just for laughs and bragging rights. It's not a good plan for a gunfight.

it is definitely great for bragging rights, of course, but 75 feet is quite a ways away, never mind 300 feet or more, and it is unlikely in the extreme that I would ever find myself in such a situation. If I do then my antagonist is going to probably have a lofty perch, likely with good concealment, and a rifle, and I'm going to want concealment as much if not more than being able to exercise my 75 yard shooting prowess with a 2" combat revolver.

There is nothing wrong with having that skill and knowing what your combat revolver will do but to what purpose? There is virtually no chance that anyone will find themselves in that situation*. If you do then the interesting thing is that the antagonist is going to be pretty shocked at receiving return fire such that he might retreat or look for a different vantage point, thereby enabling your escape.

*The only time I can recall such a situation was last year's attack on Dallas police officers. The shooter did, indeed, have a lofty perch, and a rifle, and not a single police round hit him as I recall. He was killed with a remote robot bomb. All you can do with a handgun in that situation is send suppressing fire. Unless you are making a movie, of course.

Two or three other possible, similar scenarios:

*It is likely that the theater shooters in France in the not too distant past had 25 ore more yards between them and their victims but I do think they were in a balcony and, of course, no French person had a gun, anyway.

*The Colorado theater killer had a rifle, it was dark, and he was near the back of the theater. Same problems in re distance and the lack of guns in the audience.

My whole point being I won't be practicing combat shooting at 100 yards and my 25 yard shooting will be to verify my ability hit and then I'm done with that "skill".

I don't disagree that those are quality skills to have; I just view them as unnecessary in today's terrorized world. If you're going to stop an attack you will very likely be up close and personal.
Get caught out in the street, parking lot, or even a mall, and you may see the reasoning for being able to hit a target at 25 yards, especially if the shooter is armed with a rifle. The 100 yard shooting is not as important, but being able to suppress a shooter's target selection process could save lives. Here, a police officer was potentially saved by a citizen's long range handgun marksmanship: Citizen shoots trailer park gunman, saves Texas officer

If you don't think it is an important skill, don't practice it. Since I don't routinely carry a rifle or shotgun, I'm going to practice at long range as well.

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