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Originally Posted by silversnake View Post
The newer version has the advantage of being rated for +P ammunition and what sounds like a better trigger/ergonomics.

But why is it so heavy for just a .38?
^^^^What he said. And yes, it's heavy for a snub, in any caliber. Weight is why my Ruger SP101 languishes in the safe while my M&P 340s rack up daily "frequent carry miles."

IMHO, seems like another boat missed. Ruger introduces a 5-shot hefty-medium frame in .44Spl while the Model 69 in a similar size frame was introduced in .44Mag a few years ago...

Now, 25ozs empty for the new Cobra while the Glock catalog shows their 26/27 mini guns at 21-ish ozs empty and the service size 19 at 23-ish ozs. And how many rounds does the 19 hold? Second boat missed...

As a revolver guy, I hope they sell a jillion new Cobras also, but it's not happening. The CC market has gone lightweight in a big way and 25ozs for 6 shots is not cutting it.

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