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Originally Posted by DevilDog72 View Post
I carry at least one reload and on occasion two. I refuse to have an empty gun after the altercation has come to a conclusion. Per the above described FBI stats... 5 rounds- 5 sec- at 5 yards..... then what.... empty
Nope, I would still have 1 shot left because I carry a Colt!

For those who are using police statistics, I am afraid those don't really apply to civilians. Any of those incidents are very unlikely to happen to anyone other than LEO.

I only carry speedloaders with extra ammo if I am arming myself against the 4 legged variety of animals. When packing for the 2 legged kind, six shots in the revolver works for me most of the time. Maybe if going to a big public area I might throw a speedloader in my pocket, but mainly I go without reloads.

It isn't my job to engage an attacker and save the day. My job is to protect me and my family. I have confidence I can do that with 6 rounds. Or those 6 rounds will at least get me out of the heat.

Those suiting up with up to 30+rds of ammo may want to rethink the image they portray. I mean, if it makes you feel safer, then I guess it is ok. But you have to consider what others will think about you and your dozens of rounds of ammo. They could easily use the prosecution that you were 'looking' for a fight. Just a thought.

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