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Default Just to look pretty?

Originally Posted by metricmonkeywrench View Post
Hopefully this does not turn into testimonials of unobtainium pins in a Mr Fusion cryogenic centrifuge, I am strictly small time working on less than 400 pieces of brass. 

I was given some old brass from a neighbor who has had it in a closet since his father passed. In the box was some  .38 wadcutter and 30-30 brass that i am hoping to salvage. The revolver brass was reported to be once fired and a couple boxes of the rifle brass had reloading tags from the 80's. Most of the brass was badly tarnished and a cycle thru the tumbler didn't do much. I ran them through a lemishine bath (not rich enough for a sonic yet) which cleaned off the majority of the tarnish on about half of the brass. On the remainder the cleaning left either brown stained fingerprints/splotches on the brass  or copper color blotches.. None of the brass is pitted or appears to be compromised so i believe it still may be usable ugly as it is.

Short of neverdul/brasso on each piece bringing back memories of boot camp setting on a footlocker,  does anyone have any thoughts on a way to batch clean the remainder of the staining? I can drop it back into the tumbler (Lyman treated corn) but doubt it may make much of a difference. 
I tumble my brass they come out nice and shiny nicer than new im the only one that see them usually but I reloaded some after resizing and prep no tumble and they shot just fine, of course I examined them , flash hole etc.
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