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Originally Posted by Protected One View Post
147gr is fine for self-defense, in fact, it's the "preferred weight" of many knowledgable people. The heavier bullets tend to get greater penetration, but be carful with that particular Remington ammo. I've seen videos where it consistently DID NOT expand when fired into ballistic gel.

147 use to be the heaviest weight available for 9mm until earlier this year when Federal came out with it's HST round (designed for short barrels like the shield) in 150gr. It has less recoil and muzzle flash. I have shot a box of it and keep 2 boxes in my safe. It's my current carry ammo.

Yes , you must always remember when you are attacked by a rogue block of ballistic gel to shoot it several times to make up for the possible lack of expansion of the 9mm bullet. Or just scrap the 9 and hit them with a .44 spl double tap !

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