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For those interested in the 696, here are a couple of articles by Glen Fryxell that offers a slightly different perspective.
The .44 Special Revisited
The .44 SWC
Beartooth Bullets offers that 237 WFN and I use it in the 696.
44 Caliber 240g WFN PB
Montana Bullet Works also offers a wide selection of the LBT designs as well and they are cheaper.
I am going to be trying their 220 ogive wadcutter in the 44 special.
44 Mag, LBT, 220gr, OWC-PB - Montana Bullet Works

As has been stated you can't really go wrong with the Keith especially now they can be had coated.
That may be the cheapest good all around solution of all.
Here is a BHN 16 coated Keith:
44 CAL 240 Grain SWC COATED
And here is a softer BHN 12 240 although not a Keith:
Missouri Bullet Company
"Everything 44"

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