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Originally Posted by Ngtdog View Post
I recommend that you pick up the Ruger gp100 44 special, shoot and enjoy it until you come across the right Smith at the right price and then shoot and enjoy them both. Good luck. Ron
Probably this. I recently went through a similar analysis from wanting a 32 H&R / 327 Federal Magnum hammerless (you know what I mean) snub nose. Smith hasn't made anything like that for a while, and the ones that occasionally show up on Gunbroker are usually in 4 figures. But Ruger offers their LCR in a 6-shot 327 Federal format, in stock at my LGS's distributor, for ~$500 to me. I just went ahead and got the Ruger. I'd rather have a Smith, but not at twice the price.

So for a "compact" 44 Special, I'd go with the Ruger you can get immediately at a known price. Although if I could confirm that Topsarge's info is correct, I'd probably be tempted to wait and see what the new 69 looks like and costs - if it's not right or too expensive, the Ruger will probably still be available.
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