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Originally Posted by CB3 View Post
Seriously, get a real holster, one with a sweat guard and that attaches securely to a good gun belt and that is made specifically for the FS M&P. Concealed carry is serious business.

The Remora is a cheap alternative to a real holster, perhaps suited for a small BUG or hideout gun, but nothing else. I tried a mag carrier, had it modified to fit my mag better, tried it again, and threw it away. I would not give it to anyone.

However, I would still sand that grip for concealed carry as it will snag a covering garment which leads to printing, can interfere with removing the covering, and will quickly degrade the covering or a shirt underneath. It is just way too damn sharp.

The new 2.0 sharp checkering is an S&W mistake for concealed carry, IMO. There are other ways to improve grip texture that are not so harsh, but most should involve sanding away the sharpness first, or removing it entirely and starting over with stippling or better yet, epoxy texture.
While I disagree with your assessment of the Remora, I would rather carry it in a purpose built IWB holster as you suggest, but this model is so new that the holsters aren't out least not the ones I have looked at.

The Remora works for me until a purpose built holster that meets my needs hits the market. I've been carrying a weapon for over half my life, so this is not new to me.

Do you have some recommendations for IWB holsters for the 2.0 that are already on the market?
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