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I hate to say it, but I was really looking forward to the second generation of the M&P. They waited so long to put it out, and then when it arrived, it had a RTF2 type of texture that was so bad that Glock discontinued it as too aggressive, the Performance Center trigger parts to give it a tactile and audible re-set, some extenders molded into the dust cover to prevent frame flexing that I had never even noticed, and some different machining to the slide.

So, let me get this right, a big whoopty-do is in order for re-programming the CNC machining of the slide, and for instructing its wholly-owned polymer molding facility to make the gripping texture awful (surely SOMEONE at S&W threw up a red flag and said, wait, Glock tried this and discontinued its RTF2)? And for adding some metal extenders to the chassis to prevent flexing? As to the tactile and audible re-set, they already had a trigger system that everyone loves on the Shield - why did they have to wait for the M2.0 to introduce that change? Answer, because they had little else they were willing to do to invest in this model which they say is their flagship semi-auto. THAT raises a red flag for me concerning who willing S&W is to invest or re-invest to make real improvements in its models.

Sorry, but I was bitterly disappointed and underwhelmed at the effort that resulted in the M2.0.

S&W should have stepped up and put the new tactile and audible re-set trigger action in a removable chassis design allowing quick change of configuration similar to the P320. A real finish on the mag tubes, and ridding the design of the tampon on the trigger return spring would have all been welcome changes. Ready availability of sights of different heights to allow adjustment for those who actually know how to shoot along with actual parts availability would have been welcome changes.

As it is, I have already lost interest.

I hate to say so, but the M2.0 is not going to be replacing Glocks or P320s in LE holsters anytime soon, and some have already said the M2.0 is already an "also ran."

Let us hope the M3.0 or whatever replaces the "flagship" has more imagination in its design.

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