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Actually, I'm simply trying to confirm what I (think) I already know---and that is a historical letter is not going to treat with the service history of any particular gun------or at least it wasn't when the letters were "factory" letters. Now that the letters are not "factory" (per se), it strikes me there could be a whole new ball game.

This arises from a gentleman with a rather spiffy Triplelock which has been extensively redone on three(?) different occasions. He has posted his hope his letter will treat with the service history. I was inclined to forewarn him to the effect such was unlikely, and suggest the historical foundation might be a better bet---without knowing for sure what I was talking about.

Now I know more than I did---and figure he at least has a chance you may be able to come up with something---for some of it. As I recall, the gun's last visit was in 1974, and your abilities for that period are, let's say compromised----just a little.

Many thanks!!

Ralph Tremaine
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