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Load selection is more critical in lower powered cartridges. Some .380 loads expand well but do not get enough penetration. FMJ gets plenty of penetration but doesn't make a very big wound cavity. Some .380 loads (such as Hornady Critical Defense) expand to make a larger wound while still giving adequate penetration. Some of the older models of pocket autos were designed around FMJ ammo and are not reliable with some non FMJ ammo. So if you can find a .380 load that works in your gun and gives adequate penetration while making a decent wound cavity, go for it. Most of the .380 pistols I have owned or shot were very easy to shoot well. Low noise, low recoil. If you have a load that has adequate penetration and the pistol shoots well, shot placement should be a big plus. There are several .380 pistols out there that are well made and almost as small as older .25 Auto designs. I have always enjoyed shooting 32 Autos but .380 shoots a heavier bullet faster. A .380 you have with you is certainly better than a 44 Magnum left at home or in the glove box.
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