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Originally Posted by Lee's Landing Billy View Post
There was a post on here some time back by a former LE who had attended a lot of investigations into many shootings. He said something that I have passed on many times here on the range. He said he had NEVER seen a .380 JHP that was successful and had never seen a .380 FMJ fail.
During several years of my Law Enforcement Career, I was a Violent Crimes Detective and part of our investigation was attending the autopsy of the victim at the State Medical Investigators Office. I have personally seen the devastation a .380 cal. HP round can do to a persons vital organs. Believe me when I say that a .380 cal HP round can get the job done with proper shot placement.

I am not saying the the former LE that you are talking about is mistaken in his personal observations regarding a .380 JHP not being successful. All I am saying is that I have seen them work several times and the person on the autopsy table was proof.

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