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As a retired LEO/SWAT I've seen people shot with small calibers, some lived, some didn't. As said many times before, shot placement is the most important factor. That being said, I'd rather make that shot with a larger caliber handgun. My EDC rotation consists of .357, .45acp, .44 sp. and .45 Colt. Someone mentioned earlier that you can get a 9mm pretty close in size to a 380. He is right. I just bought a Kahr CM40 that is only 1/2" longer than my Bodyguard 380 and is actually shorter. Six rounds of .40 over 380 sounds better to me. Only weighs 15.8 is too. If you don't like the recoil of the .40, the CM9 is the same size. I bought it for a pocket carry in warmer weather but I'm thinking it will see more carrying time than that.
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