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If a subject is cranked up on drugs, you will be sorely disappointed with the performance of a majority of the handgun calibers. Bigger may be better, but shot placement and tactics win the day.

I carry a Glock 42 on occasion with the mindset that I am trading power for convenience and light weight. I carry Speer 90g GDHP.

I do not train to double tap a violent attacker with a .380 ACP, I train to fire three rounds C.O.M. then fire at alternate areas of the attacker until I am no longer threatened with great bodily harm or death.

People who love .380 autos will give you one answer and those who are not comfortable with the .380 will give an opposing opinion. The real issue is sorting through the people who have no knowledge or experience with using a handgun for self defense and parrot what they read on the internet or heard at the local gun shop.
Train to win

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