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Originally Posted by BAM-BAM View Post
There is a difference in "felt recoil" from a blow-back pistol vs. a lock breach. Perception is a .380 has "more" recoil than a 9mm.

If you ever get the chance shoot a blow back .380 and a Colt Mustang "lock breach" .380 side by side.......
A good example of this is the RIA "Baby Rock", a blow back operated .380 ACP, and a Kimber Micro, Sig P238 or Colt Mustang - all of which are delayed recoil locked breech 1911'esque .380 ACP pistols.

The Baby Rock weighs 23.5 oz empty compared to 13.4 oz for the Kimber Micro. You'll expect the Baby Rock to have less perceived roil, but you'll find the Baby Rock's blow back operation and high initial slide velocity results in much sharper perceived recoil. In comparison the Kimber Micro's delayed recoil locked breech spread the recoil out over a longer period of time, with reduced slide velocity and a much softer feel, even though the pistol is 10 oz lighter.

If you compare the babu rock to the PPK/S you now that two blow back operated pistols that are within an ounce of each other in weight and the felt recoil is for all practical purposes identical.

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